Tantra Joy

Tantra By Telephone

Sexual-Tantra Coaching and Guidance by telephone

Private, experiential sessions grounded in your relaxation and pleasurable awareness.

I am Joy and I have over 20 years of experience working with men to improve their sexual skills.

You can purchase a consultation to discuss whether Tantra can be of help you. I will explain how Tantric-sexuality practices can help you in your sex life, and if you qualify, I can train you in the Tantric secrets that will increase your sexual stamina and heighten your level of sexual pleasure in general, according to your specific needs. You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy these techniques.

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Please call for a 10-minute consultation to see whether Tantra by Telephone is for you.

Your session can last ½ hour to two hours depending what kind of skills you wish to develop.
Call and ask about your pricing.
Then return here to purchase the units of time that are right for you.

Just to be clear: You are paying me for my time and my expertise. YOU are responsible for your experience and how you use what I offer.

Secure online payment coming soon.

Please call 802-744-0436 between 10am and 10pm Pacific time and leave a message.

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