Private, experiential Neo Tantra sessions grounded in your relaxation and pleasurable awareness.

I am Joy, and I have over 20 years of experience working with clients to improve their sexual skills.

You can purchase a consultation to discuss whether Neo Tantra can be of help to you. I will explain how Neo Tantric sexuality practices can help you in your sex life, and if you qualify, I can train you in the Neo Tantric secrets that will increase your sexual stamina and heighten your level of sexual pleasure in general, according to your specific needs.  I offer all natural solutions for Premature or ED.  You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy these techniques.

Private sessions available.

Call 802-851-0048 to schedule your appointment now!

Please call 802-851-0048 between 10am and 10pm Pacific time and leave a message.  No texts please.

We will discuss your needs & pricing. Then return here to purchase the units of time that are right for you.

Your session can last ½ hour to two hours depending what kind of skills you wish to develop. Just to be clear: You are paying me for my time and my expertise. YOU are responsible for your experience and how you use what I offer.

Secure Online Payment – Credit Cards Accepted

Custom pricing available by invoice.

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For one hour session, I will send you my handbook for better sex.

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